Back to Earth

Stepping silent onto the forest’s floor, beneath my naked feet

Our Mother Earth arouses my senses to immerse my Being.

Her calming colors of somber browns, and greens, and golds,

Meld together to enfold me in Her arms of solace.

Her fragrance is heavy, pungent, and moist with a decadent musk

That is saturate with new life springing from old death.

As I listen, my hearing is acute to a harmonious song

And I am surrounded by the swell of Nature’s music.

While high above me, a lilting breeze strums the leaves of trees

To join the melodic ripples of a gently flowing stream

That plays the underscore to a menagerie of birds calling in chorus.

And as every living thing ignites in motion and voice to sing

My breath and heart unite and give rhythm to this endless song.

I am overcome as Mother Earth’s purity begins to flow within me

And slowly seeps to light the ancient flame of the Creator’s Spirit

That forever resides deep within the confines of my Soul.