Solitary Reasoning

In the course of life we wander among others,

Through mists of memory we grapple with ghosts,

That haunt the edges of demands for decisions

To embody other’s goals that crush our own hopes.


While we leap through hoops of unstable circles,

And clutch for strings of uncertain dreams,

That fabricates nothing but pathetic ruses;

As promises made, converge into schemes.


Yet left to ourselves to sort through our thoughts

We clear our minds to contemplate our own lives

To find we’re much more than a chance cast of lots,

And we finally discover that our own Spirit thrives.


Deer Tracks

On a walk in the woods,

 In the early morning mist,

I stopped to rest

Beneath a thin white birch.


I heard her approach,

Moving slow to the clearing.

Her hooves touched lightly

Yet solid on frozen ground


She stopped at once

Her head held high,

Searching my presence

Statue frozen, staring, still.


Her eyes met mine.

I did not move.

There was no sound

Save the song of birds.


In that moment,

We seemed connected.

For I felt her courage,

And I knew her power.


 Then she turned away,

Her head bent low.

She walked into the woods.

And the moment was gone.

Storm Fronts

Skipping smooth stones across conversation,

            Words ripple in rivers to a misread ocean.

White capped lies ride crashing waves,

            Tormenting still shores with foaming raves.

Seagulls screech songs with stabbing screams,

            Dusk draws dark with diminishing dreams.

Raindrops drip in diamond shaped tears,

            Breezes sigh deep on deaf turned ears.

Storms settle to showers, subduing at last,

            But the landscape will never resemble its past.

Winter’s Snow

Sometimes it comes in silence

Drifting slowly like single,

White feathers floating on air

That vanish to liquid

Upon touching ground.

Sometimes it comes in turbulence

Swirling in swarms

To create white walls

That blinds our view and

Builds to drifts that block our path.

Once settled, the world brightens

For in its whiteness it is unequaled,

Only surviving within the sharp,

Biting frost of winter air.

It’s only voice comes as a crunch

Beneath our boot-clad feet;

Yet it brings cries of joy from youthful play

As we slip and slide along its surface

And mold it amid our hands to shapes

Sparked within our enchanted dreams.

A Single Morning

With Earth’s soft rotation

The song of Dawn

Splits the silence of night.

As light fractures dark

From a gradient crescent

Of the Sun’s rise on the horizon.

Rainbow hues spread

To vanquish the Sky’s black void

And fades the Moon and the maps of Stars.

The sights and sounds of a single morning

Verges to visions and songs so vivid,

That the very Soul swells to overflow in unison.

And in this mystic momentum

Every atom ascends

To join in projecting the power of Creation.