Change is inevitable,

Be it good or bad.

Sometimes it’s laughable,

Other times sad.


Change can bring strife

To send us down on one knee.

Or it gives us new life,

And fills us with glee


Change can come in disguise

And might force us to bend.

But a word to the wise,

Life’s changes never end.


An Opposite Day

Today is one of those days

When the sky is dark as night.

I would rather stay asleep

But, my mind is wide awake.

And so, I take my pencil out

To release the words within.

For writing always lifts me up

And never lets me down.


The egg, a tiny dot so small

Grows to burgeon for its beginning.

Yet waits its time and considers all

Of the aspects of its envisioning.


Then insignificant as she seems

Caterpillar creeps and crawls along

Consuming greens to store for dreams,

She moves in silence, for she sings no song.


When she feels she has had her fill

She stops to stretch upon a stem

And cloaks herself in softened silk

That hardens to harbor her from all storms.


Within the confines of her shadowed shell

Caterpillar surrenders to alteration.

Using the vision that did foretell

Her future forecast in apparition.


Butterfly emerges during the months of Spring

And once she is dry from the warmth of Sun,

She performs her dance on petite petal wings

To share with the world her concluded conception.


And so it’s the same with humankind

By using their knowledge of present and past,

They nurture their notions that come to mind

Then share the creations they strive to amass.

Everything is Possible

Everything is possible,

There is no need to fear,

Take a ride in the dark

For the stars will shine clear.

Open closed windows

To lay bare your heart,

Paint your world with all colors

But, leave out black and grey.

For everything is possible.

Just let the wind steer your way.

Feel the mist of spring showers

Cleanse those visions of dread.

Smell the sweet scent of the flowers

Wrapping the road up ahead.

For everything is possible

Leave the cruel storms behind,

Let the sun light your day.

Clasp hands with your dream

To keep it clear in your mind.

For everything is possible

Let your dreams take you away.

Once More

Once more the world has turned
And to the silver shine of daylight I rise 
To sit in the solitude of silence.
The dark brown brew with its aroma
That brims the top of the smooth ceramic cup 
Warms my hands as I leisurely sip its magic
That seeps surreptitious to my mind to clear
The dimming dust of the long night’s dreams
Working to make clear my thoughts that turn
Towards the hours that stretch before me
Until my mind surveys the view of new
Yet still unknown adventures ahead
Along a path that is scattered with tasks 
That might hasten the hours to tick the time
That will lead me along to attend life’s journey.
Until unwilled, the world will once more turn
To meet yet again another star filled nightfall.